Storytelling Converts
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 11:36PM
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On a balmy late-summer evening, the first Saturday of September, I did a house concert with my friend, Speaker and Storyteller Bob Tryanski.

It was in his cousin’s house in Lincoln University, PA.

Besides being a gifted interior designer, Bob’s cousin, Patti Lyons, is the most in-demand Sarah Palin look alike in the nation, beloved by audiences of all political persuasions.

The evening was wonderful.

Nibbles, drinks and dinner were served inside the glorious house, then Bob and I told stories to an appreciative crowd on a covered deck. 

With the exception of a couple of aficionados, these people were storytelling virgins.

They were new to the genre and they loved it!

At the end of the performance one man came up to Bob and me with a look of surprise on his face.

“I almost didn’t come,” he said “I was sure it wasn’t going to be my kind of thing. But I really enjoyed it.  When the two of you told stories I got pictures in my mind. I was there right with you.  I could see it all.  Thank you.”


Many wanted to know where they could hear more stories and storytellers.

Ah!  Be still my beating heart!

A crowd of storytelling converts!



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