Why I love stories…

Good stories are a gift - a living gift. They bypass the head and lodge in the heart. Sometimes their power is activated at the moment they are heard; at other times they are like a sleeping seed that shoots back up into our life in the springtime of need bringing laughter or truth or solace.

Whether they are tall tales or true tales, ancient or modern, stories have a way of bonding listeners together as they become fellow travelers on a magic carpet ride to the land of long ago and far away. Perhaps our global village would be less fraught, peace more prevalent, if politicians and diplomats remembered the truth that we all knew as children – that the shortest distance between two hearts is a story.


What Are People Saying About Geraldine?



"A teacher, an artist and a supreme storyteller."

Washington City Paper


"Compelling."  A performer "with zest and flair."

MD Theatre Guide


"An experienced storyteller."  Her stories are "good hearted, entertaining, and meaningful."
"She imbues the telling with... delicious little details...and delightful charm."

DC Theatre Scene


Geraldine’s stories are pilates for your funny bone. Her humor is 100% natural – the polar opposite of her hair color.

Bil Lepp, National Storyteller, Circle of Excellence Award Winner, Author


Geraldine Buckley is a passionate woman. Her capacity for hilarity is equal to her capacity to care for the most downtrodden people you or I might encounter. When she laughs (while seated) her feet rise up, her head rears back and her hands clap – she reminds me of a five-year-old little girl who has just been given a real life magenta-colored pony for her birthday.

When I heard her tell stories, I found myself caring for the souls of the downtrodden. I also noticed my feet rising, my hands clapping, and my heart warmer and somehow wiser. 

Andy Offutt Irwin, National Storyteller, Singer, Songwriter



You can't but help fall in love with Geraldine on stage.  She brings an unparalleled enthusiasm, passion and love to her stories and for the people and places that are in them.  Her stories are vivid, engaging, and well-crafted.  A natural storyteller.

Amy Saidman Director, Story District - formerly known as SpeakeasyDC  (one of the East Coast's most renowned storytelling organizations.)


It was wonderful having Geraldine share her delightful tales at the Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival.  Her fascinating stories, British charm and animated wit had our audiences enthralled.  We eagerly look forward to her return.

Bill McKell, Director, Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival


Geraldine has a gift for extracting truth, humor, and meaning from experiences that might have sent others off to rest homes!

Judith Black, National Storyteller


Unique, well-constructed stories, a lovely connection with her audiences, and a lively delivery make Geraldine Buckley a standout performer.

Michael Parent, National Storyteller, Circle of Excellence Award Winner

Geraldine has a fabulous voice.. So rich. A true storyteller's voice. A bit Auntie Mame - a bit Bette Davis.

Susi Wolf, Nationally-Known Storyteller, Healer

Geraldine’s stories are totally unique, outrageously funny, extremely poignant, and most entertaining.

Michael Reno Harrell, National Storyteller, Singer, Songwriter


Once in a while you come across someone who is a born storyteller. Someone who is engaging, interesting, vibrant and majorly talented. I found all of those things in Geraldine... together with a quick wit and razor sharp timing. I could sit and listen to her for hours.

Kim Weitkamp, National Storyteller, Humorist, Singer, Songwriter


Geraldine Buckley is one of the most delightful storytellers I’ve heard in years.  I hung on her every word. Her stories are witty, insightful and most interesting. I could have sat at her feet and listened for hours. Plus, she’s way cuter than a puppy dog and twice as loveable. 

Suzi Whaples, National Storyteller


Geraldine Buckley takes the stage and confidently draws you into her story and holds you fast all the way to a satisfying end. She is a funny, delightful new voice – a gift from Ireland by way of England – a welcome addition to the national storytelling scene. 

Ellouise Schoettler, Producer, Storyteller, Artist