Prison Themed Presentations


These presentations can be adapted to suit the needs of different audiences.  

Geraldine has used stories about her time volunteering and working for the Department of Correctins in criminal justice classrooms to underscore the importance of programming in prison life.  Also to remind future workers in criminal justice fields of the humanity of those who are incarcerated.  

Longer programs make an excellent outreach tool to unify different streams in the criminal justice community. The Criminal Justice department at SUNY, Fredonia commissioned a 75 minute program.  This was followed by refreshments and a Q&A where wardens, prison volunteers, chaplains, pastors, students, and faculty traded ideas and insights for two hours. The event brought about greater unity among the diverse group who attended.

Geraldine, an ordained minister, is unique in being able to view correctional settings and problems from both the viewpoint of a volunteer, a full time staff member, and a member of the clergy.


Destination?  Slammer!  True Tales of Life and Laughter

The hilarious adventures that transform a British Convent schoolgirl into a chaplain at the largest men’s prison in Maryland.


Tea in the Slammer

The gritty, yet humorous,  true story of a convent-raised British woman who discovers a surprising use for her tea-making skills while working behind the razor wire as a chaplain at the largest men’s prison in Maryland.


The Power of Stories in the Pursuit of Justice

Using stories from her time as a volunteer and then state employee at the largest men’s prison in Maryland, Geraldine shines a spotlight on the tensions, problems, and humanity that are part of the world behind the razor wire.  Geraldine also shows the power of story in building bridges of understanding between officers, inmates, administration, and volunteers. 

Geraldine also looks at the power of story as a tool in the arsenal of public defenders, lawyers, chaplains, religious volunteers, social workers, correctional staff, and all who play a part in the criminal justice field.


What people have said about Geraldine’s prison programs.

“It was an honor and a pleasure to have you speak to our criminal justice students here at Anderson University yesterday. Your perspective of the prison system as a chaplain was one that our students gained much from. Your enthusiasm and passion was refreshing and uplifting to our faculty and students! Thanks again.”

George Ducworth, Dean, School of Criminal Justice, Anderson University, Anderson, SC

"Geraldine Buckley is a consumate storyteller.  I recommend her.  Her presentations would be a great classroom vignette or special event for a college or university crimininal justice or sociology program."

Dr. Melanie Pallone, Criminal Justice Department, State University of New York (SUNY), Fredonia, NY