Geraldine has conducted storytelling and creative workshops for groups as diverse as:

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Society of Greater Washington, Bethesda, MD
  • League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling, Albany NY (LANES)
  • Christian Storytelling Conference, Peoria, Il
  • Maryland Correctional Training Center, Hagerstown, MD (The largest men's prison in Maryland.)
  • Rimutaka Prison, Wellington, NZ (The largest men's prison in New Zealand.)
  • Many schools, universities, non profits, churches, women's groups and conferences


Geraldine will happily create a workshop that will best meet the goals and needs of your group.

These are two of her most popular offerings:


From The Pen To The Performance

Do you have fascinating stories inside you – but are having a difficult time getting them out?

Do you feel you have writers/teller’s block?

Do you have difficulty turning a written story into a gem of a tale that people want to hear?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then this interactive workshop is for you!

Through writing exercises to free up your imagination, tips on how to write for the ear and not the eye and practice telling your new tale, your previously stuck story will develop a delightful life of its own!

Come with paper and pencil and be prepared to set your stories free!


What people have said about From The Pen To The Performance

“Excellent, practical, hands-on workshop.”


“Great audience participation. Fabulous exercises that brought out the creativity of each member of the workshop.”

“A very dynamic teacher. Please have her come back again.”

“This was a wonderful workshop. Very helpful. Very enjoyable. Geraldine is an excellent workshop leader! “

“This was fun and unlocked, and unblocked creativity for me.”

“Very useful and constructive. Geraldine gave us great tools to work with!”

“I loved Geraldine’s enthusiasm!”

“This workshop is filled with solid teaching, inspired visuals, and excellent resources. Geraldine opened a window of possibilities. Please bring her back next year.”

Rocking the Flock with Stories

This workshop is designed for preachers, Sunday school teachers, counselors, prison chapel volunteers, and anyone who wants to change people’s lives through story. It explores: 

  • The power of personal stories in communicating with a faith based audience
  • Using humor to transform lives
  • Using stories as an outreach tool
  • Shaping a personal story.
  • Part lecture and part group discussion with an interactive element, you will be telling stories before the time is through!


    What people have said about Rocking the Flock with Stories

    “An outstanding, well-crafted workshop.”

    “A very good blend of information and participation.”

    “Caused me to think deeply about the most effective way to be a Christian storyteller”

    “Excellent, extremely useful information. Helped me create a new story as well as ideas for developing other stories.”

    “Awesome! Fun, inspiring, packed with activity and information.”

    “This was a wonderful workshop: very helpful, very enjoyable. Geraldine is a fabulous, enthusiastic, workshop leader!"

    “It gave me a whole new way to think about sermon construction and delivery!”

    “Please come back and do a weekend workshop next year!”