Besides her many corporate clients, Geraldine has spoken to and taught a diverse assortment of groups. These range from London gang members and non-English speaking Taiwanese pastors to high school students in Arkansas suburbs and Cape Town slums, from Texas society matrons to Washington, DC single mothers and Maryland male and female prisoners.  She has been a freelance PR Director for Hill and Knowlton and the Communication Group and an events director for Jackie Cooper PR – London’s largest independent PR Company. 


As well as releasing creativity, Geraldine speaks from her eclectic life experiences, inspiring audiences to be all that they were created to be.  Through stories, anecdotes, insight and accumulated wisdom, she brings renewed hope, thoughtful reflection, wise counsel and laughter to a wide range of audiences. 


Types of Speeches: 


Motivational, Humorous, Women’s Issues, After Dinner and Keynote Speeches


Titles/Themes of Speeches (A selection only) 


 Persuasion, The Art of Storytelling


Bridging cultural and other divides with the power of life experience. 



 The Power Of Creativity


 Releasing the transforming effects of creativity and  thereby boosting workplace effectiveness. 



 Working For Love Not Money


 Motivating volunteers to be a dedicated force for good  in the  company and community. 



Joy in the Journey


 Inspirational, based on life experience: How to  overcome and even thrive on adversity. 



Guided by Laughter


Sometimes the greatest blessings can be unanswered prayers… A  hilarious look at how God guides us through life – even when we  don’t always want to be guided. 


Aging Disgracefully


An inspirational talk for women, guiding them into the freedom of  achieving dreams and becoming the woman they always wanted  to be. 



Nuns I Have Known


A hilarious look at how past events shape our future. 


What People Are Saying…. 


“Thank you for coming to speak to our class.  The students were inspired, intrigued and entertained by your stories.”


Margie Mott.  Teacher FCC (Frederick Community College)


“For me, you were the highlight of the conference.  You have a true gift and captivated me.”


Joyce Lewis.  County Analyst/Trainer, Toastmaster 


“Thank you for your excellent, very well received speech and for your gifts of joy, warmth, wit and humor!”


Caren Williams, President, Maryland Federation of Business & Professional Women. 


“Inspiring, motivating and very funny!"


Vice President, Women’s Council of Realtors 


“The men thoroughly enjoyed your visit.  Your teaching was excellent.  You made a difference in their lives.  Come back soon.”


Rev. Jerry Banks, Former Chaplain at MCTC (Maryland Correctional Training Center) 




Before following Rev. Jerry Banks as the next Chaplain at MCTC Geraldine held a series of workshops at the prison which culminated in a performance that was featured on the front page of the local paper under the title: 


Jaihouse Rocks With Inspiration! 


“”Journey from Darkness to Light,” a 40-minute performance Saturday by 12 inmates at the Maryland Correctional Training Center in Hagerstown, brought the jailhouse audience to a roar with its energetic calypso music, dance, and self-revealing poetry and spoken word. 


“Director Geraldine Buckley’s goal – to unleash the inmates’ creativity and bring them closer to God – had been achieved, she said after the performance.  More than three months ago, she handpicked the cast, then met with them regularly to engage them in discussions about themselves.  The idea for Saturday’s performance was born from those discussions.”


Pamela Rigaux for the Frederick News Post, February 18, 2007